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Dr. Tom’s Alchemy releases new CD

Image“Storytelling is inherent to the human experience and necessary for generating compassion,” says Tom Archie. This singer/songwriter slash doctor will release his latest CD  ‘Speak Plainly’ at a special party 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Hailey.

Among other live shows Tom Archie has played the High Sierra Music Festival, the Northern Rockies Folk Festival, Back Alley Party in Hailey and is a regular at the Power House in Hailey.

Dr. Tom’s Alchemy’s latest CD reveals personal and socially conscious stories set to a funky folk beat with the happy presence of light percussion, and expressive instrumentals. The songs revel in tales about his family (Mary Anne, Winter Rain) his son (Gentle) his life as a doctor (Speak Plainly, Medical Bankruptcy), travel (Massai Are Coming, Take Me) and the mountains. For my money the simplest and most direct tune is Mary Anne. The listener can imagine the family reunions with the understanding older relative, and sing a long a bit. It resonates past listening.

As his website states, “The title track Speak Plainly was inspired by a group of four women in hospice care who died at one-month intervals in the spring and early summer of 2009.  Their power and grace moved him to reflect on the emotionally healing honesty that often arises in relationships when mortality approaches.”

The disc is replete with thoughtful, interesting musical interludes especially on the tune Bottom. Archie uses a custom custom Boice Box pedal board with looping pedal for live overdubs, a 1937 Gibson L7 archtop guitar, percussion, and didgeridoo.

Songs like Medical Bankruptcy digs into a business Archie, a general practitioner in the Wood River Valley, is familiar with: 

“Wastin’ time with death panels is a well greased Right Wing distraction.

Pharmaceuticals and insurance got a lot of money in this fight,

cheaper to keep things the same than say healthcare is right.”

Dr. Tom’s Alchemy creates fluid imagery and gives its listens enough to think about. It should be listened to closely, preferably from start to finish to understand the plain speaking theme of the CD.  Image

SV Center for the Arts’ Art Barn

314 2nd Ave, Hailey, Idaho

Tickets: $10 at door      

CD discount at the show      



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